Mack 10


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You are now rockin' with the west
We don't fuck with the stress
Westside connect-Gangin', hoo-bangin'
And we got thousands, so fuck what you claimin'

Who want to scrap with a nigga that bang
Straight mass murderin' on 24 tracks
I put it down like a hog, I got what you need
I'm from the West Coast the bad seed with the bomb weed
Hollow points is my venom
I bust rapid as the beat, flamin' hot when I send em
And them niggaz out of bounds better duck when I come around
Movin' the crowd with a tech layin' niggaz down
You say shit my whole crew claimin' true
Some niggaz damn u and niggaz wear blue
Penitentiary listen to the pronunciation of
Penitentiary, penitentary bound, smokin' weed by the pound as I clown
Sendin' work out of town on the greyhound

Mack 10 is the lick, Westside is the click
Can't get enough of this gangsta shit

We got bulletproof vests and 96 ???
Leavin' fly bitches in Donna Karen dresses
With a neck full of hickeys, situation lookin' tricky
20,000 in my pocket and I'm still sportin' dickies
Fuck that, connect life, let me make it plain and simple
You say you roll deep you gonna get busted like a pimple
Till my very last breath, I'ma Inglewood swang
So tell me do you bang, fool, what set you claim?
'Cause niggaz like you can't win with Mack 10
So let the games begin, I'll leave you black again
'Cause on a homicide I ride to the fullest, not just a little
'Cause its four fingers up and two twisted in the middle

[Chorus:Repeat 2X]

I'm on the hunt for the loot, watch your pockets cause I pat em
Bailin' through the hood in Chucks and Stacey Adams
Got the spot still poppin', got your legs still rockin'
Ever since foe life, my ex bitch been jockin'
I can't fade no hos, And this is one of those
That I iron on my clothes, and shine my romeos
Be the best friend to me, get a little Hennessey
Always down to Scwab when I blast on my enemy
A bitch that's the leader of the hoo bang committee
With a 100% Mack 10 on her tittie
Lookin pretty as a bangin' if you want to hoo bang
Throw your neighborhood up like it ain't no thang

[Chorus:Repeat 4X]

Yeah, gun ho mack 1-0
Straight stompin' and chicken hawkin'
Inglewood swangin, dope slangin
And Hoo-Bangin' Comin' from the...

{*repeats till end of song*}

Autor(es): D. Rolison