Hopeless Masses

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We keep ourselves within the safety of these padded walls
Reality withheld by sneak thieves
Severing wherewithal
Impotent sheep too weak to see

The make believe world distracting all
Common sense fleeced to conceive
A slave breed controlled by default
The hopeless masses, stepping into traffic

It's far too late to seize control
And defend these fragile lives
Our true fate is to bleed to death
From the wounds of a thousand knives

Civilization obsolete, prosaic and synthesized
Equality erased from humanity, mutated and hypnotized
Repeated patterns of denial and hostility
Dreamless bastards provide unlimited stupidity

Weakness mastered by the herd submitting quietly
Speechless cattle happily serving society
We are repressed through divide and conquer
Oblivious to the elephant in the room

The truth suppressed in lies and dishonor
Blind trust invites a horror you can't undo
Man condemned by man
Corrosive, malevolent program

A lost cause, waste of time
This is the downfall of all mankind
So raise your glass to toast the human extinct
As razors slash through your limp fucking wrists

The void uncrossed, the great divide
In which we fall and from which we must rise
World of chaos, terrorized
Vexing perceptions of the mind's eye

Why can't you see the sickening nature of your reality
The tragedy twisted legislature of staged mass casualties
Blatantly scripted disinformation raping personalities
Infinitely wicked manipulation shapes your mentality

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