Horrendous Member Dismemberment

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Nailing the dismembered member to the table, hammer gleaming in my sweat
Soaked palm, first excruciating blow to the scrotum is struck, hammering my
Genitals into a bloody pulp... agonizing self castration, this hammer my tool
Of self-emasculation... disfigured bludgeoned stump... relentlessly smashing
My own copulatory organ, savagely striking the pulverized mess, testicles
Crushed beyond recognition, punctured, pulped, and pounded, gouging out the
Pulsating gonads, the scrotal sac is lacerated and split, as the urethra is
Violently macerated, my prepuce is now flayed to bits... collapsing of the
Corpus cavernosum, completely liquefying the testis and scrotum...
Experimenting with penile malleation, the excruciating pain causes urinal
Vesation... disfigured bludgeoned stump... the seminiferous tubules are
Splayed, rendering the organ sterile, severing of the epidydimis, a vasectomy
So vile...

Autor(es): Exhumed