Hot Right Now Remix

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Hot right now
See I'm hot right now
Picture of the sun, see I'm hot right now
Hot right now, hot right now, hot right now
Hot right- hot right- hot right now
Hot right now, hot right now, hot right now
Get it while it's hot, get it- get it while it's hot

I'm gon' get it while it's hot 'cause I don't like it cold
I'm a valley boy rappin' so I change the mode
Really not clueless just a cool negro
Truth be told I'm a I'm rap fo' sho'

Sick and tired of hearin' 'bout all this global warmin'
The reason why it's hot 'cause I came and stormed in
Come get it or not is what I try to inform them
Can't walk in these shoes 'cause my Vans're smolderin'
15 minutes is it fresh or off?

All the fame you get if the pressure's off
Hot 16's teen dreams and schemes
Buku blogs fiends mucho blowin' steam
Yes man I'm O.G. in the scene
A long term success Imma be in the green
It ain't buzz

See what I mean? I get love
Two different things but only one is enough
I'm on another Fahrenheit, tearin' mics
200 degrees burn MC's like kerosene

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