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Well they call this revolution, and there's a smile upon your face
You've thrown dust in our eyes again in such a manic state
The truth is only fiction it's where your future lies
and we are only shadows until the day we, until the day we die

Watch the sand slip away again
Watch the turn of their final stand
As we crawl on our backs again
We let the evil in

The demon calls the wizard, he handed him his name
His death seemed oh so certain, yet he's rising once again
So kneel before your master
Your time has finally come
The sound of burning laughter
The fathers only son

Curse the fire we're standing in
Curse the ground that we walk upon
As we drink from this cup of sin
We let the evil in

Spare the fire, Spare the flame
There's only hate and none remain
Spare the rod, share the shame
and let the evil in

Have you awoken?
Have you awoken now?
Have you awoken?
Have you awoken now?
Have you awoken?

Looking for this new horizon I have lost my eyes
This curse is lost in dark despising all that I despise
I'm over!

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