Nikki Sudden

House Of Cards

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I was looking for you
You were buried under the sand
I was so busy painting pictures
Of the kings and queens who ruled this land
And they tried to hang me
From the gallows pole down in the yard
Oh, I spent my time
Building a house of cards.

I watched you building
Your bridges again
Just like a thief you never know when to stop
Or to start taking revenge
Oh, I tried so hard, I tried so hard
I tried so hard
But I just built myself a house
Out of your regards.

I was looking for you
You were waiting for me
Your shoes are sacred
There's nothing left that you haven't seen
And I watched you swinging
Watched you swinging down so far
I was looking for you
In my house of cards.

I saw you standing there
In the luggage van
And I held you for a lifetime
Hoping you might understand
I tried to give you reasons
Tried to tie you down to false regards
But you left me on an island
Left me in my house of cards.

Autor(es): Nikki Sudden

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