House Of Evil

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Dieses Haus
ist die Pforte zur Hölle.
In diesem Haus
treiben Dämonen Ihr Unwesen

blood on the walls
blood on the floor
a terrible smell
is in this house
darkness lives here
it's always night
the bone of witchcraft
the home of ghosts
you are trapped here
since 600 years
you can't leave this house
they put a spell on you
the demons on hell
so you have to suffer
the rest of your life

can you feel the devil inside?
can you feel the pain in your mind?
can't you see your feelings die?
in the house of evil

you became a creature of hell
the mighty devil takes control
of your heart and soul
now you bring doom
now bring death
no one to help you, to break the spell
to bring the light in your little hell
there's no hope and there's no life
your eternally lost
eternally lost....

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