Ancestral Legacy

How Con We Build

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in between our breaths we walk with the dead
carrying our visions against sunset after sunset
always a moment too soon to realize, always a moment to regret

I am falling through the footsteps of the past falling under the weight of the future
sometimes i can only react, sometimes i am just an actor

all these images, haunt me like a life im trying to leave behind me
a ghost locked inside your shadow, an echo reaching into tomorrow

where are our dreams of beauty?
interrupted prayers behind closed doors
sheltered by your reality

what is the future if its made from wars?
how can you live your life on your knees when you know the truth that will set you free?

reaching ends that are beginings
awake or am i dreaming
sever the sigh cross the line
are we broken so shattered not to feel or are we just paying for what we steal?

how can we build trust that will last
when lie upon lie are burying the past
it's always a question to often ignored what is the future if its made from wars?

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