How Many Times?

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[1st verse:]
A fellow with his lady friend walking and talking of love
A moon that has a silvery lining is shining above
The girlie says you certainly do like to coo like a dove
A nervous youth
A jealous miss
Who wants the truth
Is asking this:

[1st refrain:]
How many times have you said, "I love you"?
How many times have you said, "I'll be true"?

How many wonderful sweeties have you told that to?
How many times has a certain feeling
Troubled you so that you "hit the ceiling"?

How many hands have you held all alone?
How many lips have you pressed to your own?

I'd hate to think that you kissed too many
But I'd feel worse if you hadn't kissed any
Please tell me how many times

[2nd verse:]
A certain thing has puzzled me greatly, just lately, my dear
Why does a fellow always get stupid when Cupid is near?
Although I was the smartest at college that knowledge, I fear
Could never bring
A Romeo
The only thing
He wants to know

[2nd refrain:]
How many sighs have you sighed in my ear?
How many lies have you whispered, my dear?

How many baby blue eyes have you gazed right into?
How many loving words have you spoken?
How many promises have you broken?

How many times have you left me alone
Told me had business and yet you come home

I know where you were because I saw you
And I got home just a minute before you
Oh, baby, how many times?

Autor(es): Irving Berlin

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