How Much Longer

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Drag this neurotic to hysterics.
Leave him balked and unfulfilled
holding inside outwardly patient 'till the time he'll call it.
Alluring exotic twisted hero
leaving him more lonely.
Still he waits around he's spun around
and left without the power to stop it.

Peers don't know what they can't see.
They can't see inside of me.
It's sickening how comforting the privacy of the mind can be.
How much longer
will I try before I realize I'm desperate in
the situation that I'm in again
I'm exhausting yet another topic
I've exhausted frequently with no regrets.

Abstruse and lacking rational
but making so much sense somehow
a stone has blocked my hourglass
no progress made
notime's run out
I'd almost rather have the latter
Save myself with sad defeat
A stone just broke my hourglass
I peel the skin that had me trapped.

Autor(es): Jonathan Siebels / Max Collins / Tony Fagenson

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