How Much Love

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You're in the corner, turning your back
You're runnin' away again
The more I give you, the less that you take
Tell me, where is it gonna end?

I can see you've felt some pain
I know you've been hurt before
But I swear you won't get hurt, no more
Tell me

Chorus :
How much love is it gonna take
To prove I'm not another heartache
Till you begin to let your heart give in
How much love, is it gonna take?

I'm reachin' for you, gettin' so close
But you're always a step away
I wanna touch you, and give you my love
What is it gonna take?

I can see it in your eyes
That you want to let me in
But you're scared that you'll get hurt, again
Tell me


I've been searchin' for an answer
Oooh tell me what it's gonna be


(Chorus out)
Ad lib : I can see it in your eyes, come on and let me in, etc

Autor(es): Jan Kuehnemund / Steve Plunkett