Charles Aznavour

How Sad Venice Can Be (Que C'est Triste Venise)

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How sad Venice can be
When you return alone
And find a memory
In a repaving stone

I woke among the bird
That fills in Marble Square
With a quote of her words
Around me in the air

How sad Venice can be
When the melodies play
A song she sung for me
One unforgotten day

Like a magic sea
The gondoliers go by
But when I try to weep
I find my tears are dry

How sad Venice can be
When mist is in your eyes
And you can hardly see
As visions fill the skies

I find the little street

And then the old cafe
Where we would always meet
To dream away the day

How sad Venice can be
Beneath the sun's moon
That rises from the sea
And singles the moon

I hear the vespers chime
And cross the bridge of sun
I know that it is time
To bid my last goodbye

There's nothing more to say
I pass beneath the light
And then I turn away
From Venice in the night

How sad Venice can be
It's too lonely to bare
When you have lost the love
That you discovered there

Autor(es): Charles Aznavour / Françoise Dorin