How We Do

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Yeah, yeah yeah
My name is Royce 59
They call me the style-changer niggaz
Double C this is for you my nigga (Double C!)
yeah yeah
My flow be switchin' around,
do be flippin' around
the boy 'll be puttin' it down on ya
You know when you hear the sound of that thing
clickin' like "Ta!"
I walked the pound with me for you clown ass niggaz
I'm down with niggaz from down here to over there
to upwear to stuffscare niggaz in trunks like truckspheres
Get stumped out and jumped in,
I blend in to whatever sound is bumpin'
Yeah, I go from Pac to Big
From A.K. to glock to Sid
From Jay to Slim to Nas to kiss the Dre in 'em
I'm the modern, nice guy while you praisin' 'em
Bottom line, I'm the MC's Mc , rap extraordinary,
Hook whiter, looks tighter, look I've been evrywhere
Where is hot in February, nigga you were never there
Now you know a nickle get his game from
I'm a style-changer
(Double C!)
Double C niggaz !
come and see niggaz
MIC niggaz

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