Human Sound

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"She waited and waited for a chance to tell them..."

Listen - there's a mockingbird singing everyone's song
Listen - to the mockingbird singing
Everyone's song but yours
Your not saying much anymore

Did they understand
What you were trying to say to them?
Should they know why you turned and ran?
Tell me what you mean
Is the human sound just a scream?

Standing - in an ocean of people
Talking just to themselves
They're not saying much to nobody else.

All that they can make
The very same sound that babies make
They very first time that they awake
Who knows what they mean?
Is the human sound just a scream?

Tell me what you mean
When you fell down to the floor
Just what you were sreaming for
For someone to listen - here
Whisper something in my ear
Tell me something and I'll understand

Listen - they're all afraid of the first word
But they all want the last word
Cause they can't say what they mean
Is the human sound just a scream?

Autor(es): Ric Alba

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