Jazz Butcher

Hungarian Love Song

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You say you're hungry, well that's a shame
Of course, I can't say exactly who's to blame
This town is crazy it's quite insane
But I'll see it never happens again.
I'm glad that we're meet 'coz you should be eating
I can't stand to see you this way
Life looks much grimmer if you've had no dinner
So darling believe what I say

I'll be your breakfast
I'll be your dinner
You won't get hungry
You won't get thinner
To see you starving
Is no damned good
So darling, darling
I'll be your food
You queue for butter and old jam tarts
To see you do this weighs heavy on my heart
You can break that state monopoly
And you can have all your meals for free
Just call me and you can start
'Coz there's no shortage in our hotel
We eat like porkers and drink like hell
So let's just sit in bed and talk
And you can drink a knife and fork
And bite bits and chew them well
Life is for living and love is for giving
And here is the scheme I propose
If you need groceries, dear,
They're much closer than you might have first had supposed

I know it's bad dear, to say the least
This bloody nonsense between the West and East
You shouldn't take it quite so hard
You've got a butter mountain in your back yard
Just call me and we can feast
And if you need me, girl I'm always there
Just take my bones out, remove the hair
And if you call out I'll catch you later
I'll be waiting in your refrigerator
Diced into neat little squares
'Coz the best thing for you is a gigantic stew
It's the answer to all your despair
Oh girl, don't try to be tender
Just make with the blender I
want you to know that I care


I'll be your breakfast
I'll be your dinner
You won't get hungry
You won't get thinner
Don't take offense now
Don't think me rude
But if you need me
I'll be your food

Autor(es): Pat Fish

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