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Solitude, space of ice
Nucleid acids were born there
Constant creations from a nuclear device
rule the structures of space
sphere of time, Cartesian calculus
Lock our materialistic minds
Atomic fission frees the particles
On this wavelenght you're going to find

Intelligent lifes on their endless research
Evolute on a strange way
Cristalo‹d forms plow all universe
They help you to don't fall in decay
Transcendant space, abolishing laws
Temporal explosion becomes true
Supplying & riding the lightning of knows
If you want this knowledge, come into

An intense source of light
Invade my body
I don't know if I'll die
But I wanna stay me
Internal process
Inorganic structure
Infernal sickness
Inordinate numbers


Enlighting my life
A cristal memory
As cold as ice
Also burn me

Travelling along the frigid gates of space
Walls of ice lock me outside
Hallucinated, all is reflected
Virtual images on their sides
Fantasmagoric hallucinations
And lots of unknown forms appear
From a castle of glass on icy foundations
They rule universe with no fear

In space naugh I can't survive
Feeling the frost engulf my mind
Out & alone, I'm going to die
Solar winds burn me inside
Now I meet a new intelligency
Discovering all strange cosmos parts
Fractal equations, chaotic reality
Am I dreaming? It's full of stars