Front Line Assembly


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A darkened eclipse
Explodes in the horizon
A form of a cloud now bursts in to the sky
A (reign, rape) of murder will
Now slowly pervade
The smile of the earth
Now slowly drifts away

Here is the day to remember
Now is the day with this (memoir, member)
Here is the day for sorrow
Now, no tommorrow

This mercy of madness
Imminent defiance
A virus of violence
Devised with only one goal
Control and destruction pool all this power of evil
This global warming
Must bake with all our souls


A stillness now falls
On this land of illusions
The strips of the damage burn
Into your hands
Wounds of infliction
Hail the sounds of sorrow
The heart and the pulse has been (strict so fires still fold?)

Chorus x2

We can never go back
To the way it was
A decade of hope
It's just a lost cause
Destroyed with one hand, blow by blow
Decade of hope, will never go

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