T.M. Revolution

Hyper Eurobeat

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Goes around, for us tonight.
They´re letting our love shine through.
People, come sway,You´ve got to stay,
Feel the love from the words that I say.
Don´t you just know, how I love you?
It´s nothing when in milky years,
but if you ever have to go,
no way to stop my tears!
Over, and over, and over you,
I´ll never get over you,
Over you, over you (over you), got a hold on you,

For the sun will shine, if you´ll stay mine,
We´ll never get any cloudy days,
Shining and shining, shining through,
all the love that I feel for you,
I wish taht you will stay mine until the end!

So deep, my love is flowing deeper (flowing deeper and deeper)
People say that love hurts, my love is flowing deep for you!

For the sun will shine, a new day will come,
our love will keep on flowing,
flowing and flowing, flowing through
all the love that I feel fot you,
I wish that you will stay mine until the end of time,
Until the end of time, only for you,
until the end!!

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