The Tear Garden


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Snakebite spitting spiders eyes
They swallowed up the night
Cried "meltdown zero marsh of lava"
Had supersonic sight
And barriers of you and me piled 1500
Stacked here to here in smoking cans
We blackened out the sky
King met king we heard the bell
They kicked away the board
Flew headfirst into bunkers
Then they started out once more
And you and me were born again
As iron-plated pawns
We scorched our way through libraries
We shredded all the lawns
Til everything was rust and powder
Every stone was turned
And random programs re-arranged the
areas to burn
The enemy's years ahead
He's tapped into the phone
He hides beneath the furniture
Knows all the special codes
The enemy's our destiny
He's pulling on the cord
He spits a line I spastic dive
And sell him his reward
I perform.

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