Hypnotic Psychosis

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Sickness and delirium
Testimony of madness
Electric orgasm of frequencies
Aphrodisiac mosaic of sounds.
Experiencing a complete absence of nostalgia
Producing anti-prosaic impact on symphonies.

Arabesques of notes played by disembodied chess master
Acoustic stimulations for harmonic erections.
Extracting the basic formula of evil virus
Screaming, loud noise!

Hysterical physical changes, ghosts waiting for a body.
Abdicated flashes burning in a cold yellow halo
The evil is there waiting.
Grey as ashes
Galvanized by obscenities.

Hypnotic psychosis
Visceral stimulations
Virtual addiction of cerebral events
Relief from tension.
Testimonies of horror
Nubbly degenerations
Venereal disease.

Catatonic sensations
Suppurating scars,
Translucent disharmony.
Administrator of artificial respiration
Ruling days of black terror
Asymmetrical pothole, merging several places at once.