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Staring at the window I hear them sing this lullaby
Putting kids to sleep just to dream their lies
Monsters under my bed placing in mind repressing thoughts
New distractions everyday just to blind them all

So did you think you could mislead all those chilldren?

So this is nothing like I´ve ever seen before
We´re all kids without a nation
Empty heads that are running out of time
What should be protection is just repression

So did you think that we would stay here in silence?

Sons let us unite
It´s time to fight

We won´t forgive!
We won´t forget!
We´ll resist

Now it’s time for us to silence the lullaby
And to sing our own new song
Joining voices in an anthem of our rise
Our unity will be our stronghold

Now our whispers will unite
Turning into one scream

No more control!
Let us unite
It´s time to fight

We don´t forgive!
We don´t forget!
We´ll resist