Action Bronson

I Adore You

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Open eyes, light the joint, take a piss
Make two farm fresh scrambled eggs with the grits
Classic club soda, splash with the twist, lime
Placed on my wrist: Custom swiss time
Hit the slopes, custom case for the smoke
Lifted up, flour for the cake getting sifted up
Make it fluffy... Poof

Bring your fucking buttcheeks here... Boof
Man, I fucking stand on my own, pockets getting thick like luthor
Hundred dollars on a taste will get a kid to shoot ya
Dip to the red roof inn, have a sandwich
At 7: 30, on the greyhound back to kansas
My life is written, you sittin' while you pissin'
I'm only sittin' if I'm shittin'
And I'm shittin' often, I'm a boss
Smokin' while I'm coughin'

50 Piece, a mummy that was laid inside the coffin
Extract the blood from the mosquito
In the amber, deion sanders on my feet inside the regal
My shorty tam, last name esposito
And gettin' money every day my destiny though
You could mistake me for a truck driver
On the strip, paying 30 for a muff diver
She had the red pussy hairs like a brush fire
Peace to jamaican big girl, 'nuff iyah

Girl, why you running from me? Bitch I adore you
Come back sit in the chair baby you're royal
No one above you, need you in my life
What I would do without you? I need you
Please don't go

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