Alien Sex Fiend

I Am a Product

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I am a product of the 20th century.
I is the mafia,
The swing that's in your gate,
The dirty washing hanging on your line.

Like a pretty flower, never feed me at all.
Like a pretty flower never feed me...
I is life.
I is death,

With her four winds blowing
Will I see you again?
I am...
I see you now

It's all over
I'm seeing through all the plastic...
Sunrise come every morning...
I live in Siberia.

Through no fault of my own,
We're a blank generation in the danger zone,
Paracidal slumbers from 7-23,
Only the blind follow me...

Abyssinia in the morning.
Breakfast in berlin..
Oh! you leave me dying.
Everybody wants what everybody's got.

And everybody's got what everybody wants.
Soldier lies bleeding where a church once stood!

Autor(es): Christine Wade / David James / Johnny Ha Ha Freshwater / Nik Fiend

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