I Am a Song!

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I was traveling on, moving on the road toward my Jehovah
It was the only thing I knew how to do
She was banging a gong, she was banging and banging it over and over
She said you better get some music in you
But you know I'm saving some
For the person I become
And if you're willing to wait long
Something better always comes along

I am a song
I am an aural subsidy
I am a song
A three minute symphony
Yes I belong to the society of piety and love
But I still need someone to shove now, baby

I was hanging around
I was hanging around
At the bottom of the food chain
Looking for you
You were bowing down
You were caught in a struggle with your va-jay-jay
Well is there anything I can do?
Cuz I could lend a helping hand
But be careful where you stand
Cuz I turn into King Kong
When the coffee gets too strong

I am a song
An evil siren's melody
I am a song
In an unusual key
Yes I belong to a punishment and merriment of love
I fit you like a music glove now baby


You were bringing me down
You were hemming and hawing about the Apocalypse
While I was stuck in an elevator
I had to turn you around
And wise you up, bring you back to your grips
Well, you can thank me for it later
Though, we couldn't have come this far,
Without a very special car
Someday we'll right the wrongs
Of Joe Lean and The Jing-Jang-Jong

I am a song
And though my words don't often rhyme
I am a song
With a refreshing twist of lime
Yes I'm oblong
I'll let my music rule, cause it's something to do for with love
But I'm not bigger than love, now baby
No I'm not bigger than love now baby
I'm not bigger than love now baby
Come on, come on, come on, baby.

Autor(es): Tyler Spencer

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