Ian Is Amazingly Beautiful

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Ian, oh Ian.
You are amazingly, beautifully, wonderful.
Ian, oh Ian.
You are the one man who's not a Neanderthal.
Ian, Ian.
We love Jor Jor and Steve's the bees knees but
Ian, oh Ian.
There is not one NFG-er like you, oh no.
Ian, oh Ian.
You like the cookies and you like the ice cream and
Ian, oh sweetie.
Hanukkah's for me if a Hanukkah's for you and
Ian, oh Ian.
Cyrus is cool and Chad's family now but
Ian, oh cutie.
You laugh so hard when Weston makes a pouf to eat.

(Stacy, Sherri, and Chauntelle speaking)
haha hey did you see Ian the other day? My gosh. Woo. Yes I did! Did I ever. He is so smoking hot. So smoking hot...Oh he is so yummy. He is so dreamy haha

He loves Britney Spears. He loves her a lot.
But his wife, Stormy, is so smoking hot.
And she loves him 'cause he is Ian.
We love you too oh
Ian, oh Ian.
This is a song we wrote for you 'cause you are so
beautifully amazing and mostly because you told us we had to and
Ian, oh Ian.
I heard your new CD and
Ian, oh Ian
the bass lines that you play make our hearts go oh thump thump thump.
Thump thump. Thump Thump thump thump thump thump thump!