Hilltop Hoods

I believe

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I Believe
Hilltop Hoods

Verse 1:

This is Suffa mc, 'Suffa mc'
Hey I could say life's not all that its cracked up to be,
And I feel like a dump truck is suffering back on to me,
And it's smothering me in a wealth of decay,
And I'm Suffa MC,
And no one ever felt the way I do,
But I believe in something, 'what you believe',
I do believe, I believe in life, 'well I believe'
I do believe that the sun is shining, 'is shining'
On the other side of the night,
And if I believe long enough,
And my beliefs strong enough,
And I believe in my own damn song enough,
Then I can believe in my self,
Believe in faith,
Crush my own anger, envy, even hate,
Then we can make a new start free from hate,
Believe in fate,
Has a positive even great,
Proceed away from our dreams we need to make,
Cause I can't leave it late,
We need to take the seeds that take our hearts,
And see them break,
When we can wait,
And find ourselves freed by faith,
And we can wait see the faith,
See them shake at this,
See the hate, see them wait,
For me to break,
For he or she to break,
Suffa Mc with they,
They need an escape,
See ya mate,
Now free the gate,
See them run from the path they deviate,
Well this man elevates and alleviates.

Verse 2:

And by the way,
I do believe in myself,
Not believing only in things I can see for myself,
Even believing that the air that I'm breathing is worthless,
Because were guaranteed nothing except leaving this world,
I'm just trying to live,
I'm just trying to breath,
I'm just trying to give so that I can receive,
Life's positives,
Cause universally,
We've got a lot to give,
So when I'm taking my leave,
I believe I should leave my mark,
For our music is perceived as art
Soulful remedies to ease the heart
When grief is sparked,
Beneath the dark sky's I search to seek my mark,
Friends come and go so I move on as the seasons start,
Release the dark side
Of my mind to find peace at heart,
Increase my smarts,
Rather then walk on streets there's mud,
Nearly can beat the Spark
Needless the grief is marked,
The whole world clearly you know who the elitists are,
Beliefs more unique,
The peace laws are weak,
Governments are sworn to speak,
The truth or born defeat,
it depends and let any man sort the sheep,
Arguably flawed the fist,
For war on streets,
Cause more than grief,
poverty strikes people are torn beneath,
Cornered streets walked by,
People who were born deceased,
I rise above this world and since one defeat
I got faith in myself contrary to your beliefs.

Autor(es): Hilltop

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