Luther Allison

I believe in you

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I believe in you, don't you know it's true
I'm with you darling, in everything you do
Work real hard, trying to make ends meet
Come on baby, believe in me
No matter what you do, I know it's truth
I know baby I believe in you

People talking about you and me
They don't understand, what you mean to me
I believe in you, oh well you now do you believe in me too, alright
No matter what you do, let me tell you, I believe in you

When you walk that walk, talk that talk
All you ever wanna, never coming back at all
I believe, I believe in you
It's true, true, true
I don't care, I believe in you, I believe in you

I believe, in you
I believe, in you
I believe, in you
No matter, what you do
Everything I wanna do now darling
I wanna believe, you believe in me too

Autor(es): James Solberg / Luther Allison

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