I Can

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I can, I can, "can what"", to flow
open my mouth instead of words,
heat comes out
I'm hot, the hottest there is today.
Look for me at the market,
if you find me bring a carton.
Bro, I'm not,
you ears aren't burning you up for nothing.

Press "stop" run fast to pour water over this.
one, one two, check, one two,
leave the mic in my hands
even with words and no chorus.

I'll always stay first,
I'm the front of the newspaper
the name Sab rings like a bell
I'm the one who passes through the hole in ozone

I penetrate into your heads
like bullets penetrate armor
I plug, plunge hard like a kamikaze
a nation intertwined with crazies like Belzi Arazi
so when they ask me "how will you go forward?"
"your words are bombing more than Hiroshimah"

so "can!" I can, "you you can"
the titanic won't reach the depth of my words
posers try and bite me like a duty fee
everyone becomes a star,
I become the sun
outstanding, anyhow,
it happens that I'm talking on the cell
I sound like a robot,
what's happening to me?
From inside the darkness it's worth it to get away,
sabliminal controls the street
like Mosheh Ofanik! what?

Ron Shoval's Chorus:
I can, "yes you can"
to get up, to arrive in heaven
I will give it my all, "yes you can"
with respect to earn a certain future...

Again I can too, I also can
to eat whoever's against me like nothing
I can cause prey's teeth to be vegetarian
I can cause a lettuce to scramble the farmer
I can suck the blood of a bloodsucker
to leech off a leech
and let coal glow permanently
I can cause a turtle to run out of its shell
and to put the "Joe Camel" into "M.L. Lite"
I'm harsh that alcohol gets drunk on me
I can teach even Maximov to hurry up
I can destroy, shatter Bill Gates' Windows
I can make a baby suckle
I can make a pig repent through religion
I can teach Dr. Ruth all about love
I can give an exemption to Kaba"n 21
but I can't put out the light.

I can-ah, to spread forth,
to continue and grow -ah
just to get up, never in life fall down
as though to paint sentences out of blue
and today's style I invented already yesterday
from the right or left, I pass every obstacle
if I kick then believe it's a "gooooal!"
who shoots balls, I shoot on film
forward and make the oil tank jump
I sound like a trilling voice

Sab is rough, don't wanna sing soul music
Today one does everything for money
you can even see MC's in Baby Doll
you put a million, what? cheap
money is wasted between hands like sand
so why to suffer and do nothing
ron shoval give it to them loud.

I can, "yes you can"...

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