I can feel the cancer growing

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I can feel the cancer growing
Scourge to the ancient code
Perfected through infinity
It mars the preset mold

We try to see forever
Designed to doubt our ability
The mind rot with disease
Enigma to our sempiternity

You feel the forces
From beyond within
Still you are unsure
It drives you insane

Something always wrong
Festering beneath the surface
You strive for control
Your senses deceive you

Scraping at the boundaries of existence
Confined by your conflicted perception
Scraping at the boundaries of existence
Evermore a slave to reality

The cancer spreads
Malignant, life in constant wane
Breakdown of the purest creation
Is there ever end to the pain?

In search of blissful eternity
Mask to the greatest suffering
Perceive a greater power
Fall into the dark nothing

Curiosity compels us
To seek out answers
We try to breakthrough
The wall just thickens

We contemplate
Our own eternity
Random perfection
Or infinite pattern