Patti LaBelle

I Can't Complain

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Sometime, I can't help thinking,
just what my life is for,
I try to do very best that I can,
yet I know I can do more.

This life i lead is not one without its pain,
That doesn't mean i should smile nothing there to gain.

I can't complain,
I know the sun shines through the rain,
It still survives,
I can't complain,
everyday is a new begining,
and this is journey of my life,
Journey of my life.

(Said)I've done just as i've desired
Lived on wire without a net
Been so many places
(Said)I've seen so many faces
Beautiful friends i will never forget.

Sometimes I look above and think i wanna give it up
Then I remember all the lives that i have touched

I can't complain....
So many yesterdays have come and gone their way.
Love leads me striaght and clear into the light of day.

I can't...

I'm not the only one who's learned to try again,
And through it all I've got my family and friends,
So I can't complain...

Autor(es): Raymond Jones / Sami McKinney

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