I Can't Love You Enough

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I'd crawl through the desert
On my hands and knees
Without a drink of water.
Just for a chance
Of a little romance
With that coal miner's daughter.

Yeah, if i was a poor girl
Beggin' in the street
Livin' crumb to crumb.
I'd turn down
A 12-pound t-bone steak
For a boom – boom – boom.

Love is all we feel
Spinnin' like a wheel
We let it roll
Roll, i love you so.

When you walk that walk
And you talk that talk
I can't love you enough,
I can't love you enough
You've got a way of making me say
I can't love you enough,
I can't love you enough
I'm never gonna give you up
I can't love you enough

Hey conway, you're my mississippi man
You're really gettin' to me fast
Every time we kiss it burns so deep
It just lasts and lasts and lasts.

Loretta my love for you is strong
I wouldn't sell it for a million dollars
I know i belong here singin' this song
With that girl from butcher hollow...

Autor(es): Don Goodman / Troy Seals / Will Jennings

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