Bill Anderson

I Can't Wait Any Longer

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I can't take any longer baby I mean I can't wait any longer
Mhm I gotta have you I gotta know how it is to touch you
To hold you to feel you our lives have touched our minds have touched
And I can't wait any longer for our boddies to touch our souls to touch
I can't wait any longer this feelin's gettin' stronger
Satisfy my hunger you're the only one who can
Where do I have to go what do I have to do
Who do I have to lie to so I can lie with you I can't wait any longer
[ strings ]
Patience has never been one of my virtues baby when I want something I want it now
And I want you now I wanna kiss you now I wanna love you now
I can't wait any longer...
(I can't wait I can't wait doo doo doo) baby I can't wait any longer
I want you now hmm now yeah (I can't wait I can't wait...)

Autor(es): Bill Anderson / Buddy Killen

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