Anal Cunt

I Couldn't Afford To Buy You A Present (So I Wrote You This Song)

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I couldn't afford to buy you a present so I wrote you this song
I want all the lovers of the world to help me sing along
I'm only a simple man; I never made much money
But I've got a wealth of love to share with you honey

When I think of an angel I think of your face
I want to make sweet love to you by the fireplace
I want to be your architect of your castle of love
I'll never take for granted my gift from above

We'll take a ride through the foliage
Watch the leaves turn orange and brown
Woman, I never thought I'd say this
But I want to settle down

I wish we were on a deserted island
Just me and you
I'd climb right up a tree
And get a coconut for you

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