I Don't Need You

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Lose my number, forget may name
Keep all my shit just go away
You suck me dry, leaving me numb
I curse the day I whispered
You're the one, the one, the one
I was wrong, I was wrong, I was wrong
You're poison in my veins, acid in my rain
Like a bullet in my brain
I don't need you
You haunt me like a house
You're bad taste in my mouth
Like a stain hat won't come out
I don't need you, I'm trippin' day-glo
I'm dead inside
You're kisses taste like suicide
You're not my habit
I'm not your whore
I'll kick you cold
I won't be crawlin' back for more

B section


Broken skin, velvet tongue
Dogtooth violet kiss the sun
You were deaf and I was dumb

Autor(es): Bruno Ravel / Steve West

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