I Do Believe It's Christmas Eve

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Ashley: Hurry up! They're going to be here any minute.
Mary-Kate: I'm going as fast as I can Ashley.

Are we ready?
I don't know.
Just look at all the snow
And the lights in the tree,
And the wreath can you see?
All the gifts on the mantle,
The star and the candle

The joy, the cheer, (Merry Christmas)
All our friends are here.
And the fire's burning bright
'Cause Santa's sleigh is on his way tonight.

I do believe it's Christmas Eve
People watch to see those reindeer in the air
The bells are ringing, and people singing
It's Christmas Eve tonight

Hi, welcome, come on in!
Merry Christmas! Let me take your coat!
Thanks for the gifts. They're great.

Looking at the tree with the star on top
And the friends you meet when you Christmas shop
The joyous sound from the swingle bell
Build the snowman sing Noel
Holly woods and mistletoes
It's wrapped up in ribbons and bows
Sleigh rides roam until it snows
Someone's shouting ho ho ho!

I do believe it's Christmas Eve
Do you remember when tiny child was born?
They gathered 'round and said we found him
It's Christmas Eve tonight

Turkey stuffings, fresh cooked hams,
Pumpkin pies and candy yams,
Rudolph's nose and Santa Claus
Carolers sing baa baa!

Here's for all the girls and boys
Stockings full of gifts and joys
People smile who pass you buy
Children cheer the reason why

It's Christmas Eve do you believe?
In the star that's shining high up in the sky
It came to guide us
He's here beside us
On Christmas Eve tonight

Do you believe it's Christmas Eve
Gather around us and have a cup of cheer
The bells are ringing and voices singing
On Christmas Eve tonight

I do believe it's Christmas Eve tonight.
I do believe it's Christmas Eve tonight.

Autor(es): Randy Rogel / Richard Friedman

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