Lucy Lawless

I Don't Know What To do

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Gabrielle, this is terrible,
I don´t know what to do...
I don´t know what to do...
This is a fine mess we´re in.
I don´t know what to do...

I went and let the bad guys win,
Look what they did to you.
I thought i was a warrior,
Still, i failed somehow!
So tell me, what do i do now?

I thought if i did my best,
I'd never make mistakes.
I'd always win the battle,
No matter what it takes.
I keep my friends from danger:
That's my sacred vow.
So tell me, what do i do now?

Hear me silver sister moon,
Shining in the blue.
Had i wings to fly away,
I would fly to you.
But that's not what warriors do.

Maybe there's more to being human,
Than acting brave and strong.
Maybe it's listening to you heart,
And knowing when you're wrong.
It's keeping the faith and trusting
You'll come through somehow,
And maybe, that's what i'll do now.
I believe we'll come through me and you,
That's what we'll do now.

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