The Bear Quartet

I Don't Need Light

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Let a storm come bury this town
Cut the power close all communications
My thoughts are clear as dead waters
I don't need light
Inside a projector still runs, run i

Saw a loved one miss a chance revolt against it all
Saw a loved one try so hard
Saw a loved one's weight of hate apologize too late
Saw why people gave

Saw you make a perfect entrance
A beautiful cross reference
To every lost cause
All my obvious flaws and mistakes well
I don't need guidence
I know where i've laid them

Have you come to help me leave find reasons to believe
To tell me where you've been
Everybody wants to be the one most likely to have known
Someone like you

I only wish that i knew
What happened to you
So many dreams snapshot scenes you are all real
Sandi sue speedy bob hopey mary
I only wish i knew what happened to you

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