I Feel Feathery

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Bobby: Hoo-Hoo! Look at Mr What-a-Difference-a-Day-Makes over here!
Pesto: Heh heh! Spiffin' up for the rumble, Squit?
Squit: No, I have a date with Carloota. There's no bird in the city like
Carloota. Around her...

Squit: I feal feathery
Oh, so feathery
All my plumage is standing up tall.
I'm no peacock
But that doesn't bother me at all.

Squit: Who's that handsome squab in the mirror there?
Pesto: What squab? Where? Who?
Squit: Who can that attractive bird be?
B P : Which one? Where? Who?
Squit: Oooooh...
B P : Chirp quack! Clonk cluck!
Squit: It's...
B P : Chirp queek! Coo coo!
Squit: Me!

Squit: I feel feathery
Oh, so feathery
Like a fledgling, a soft downy dove.
Oh, this pigeon,
Handsome pigeon's
All puffed up with love!

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