If Guns Are Outlawed

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Burning inside, all that I can
Why will I know?
When you see me speak
I can't go on far
Let this stop your pain
I'll bring this up and burn it down
It'll be so beautiful
I'll bring this smoke and burn it down, burn it down
When in doubt, when in doubt, I'll save her
And you can be what I found on my head
I can't go on, it'll be what you want
This time, this time, this time

I"ll burn all you had and everybody is starting to take from me
You don't want me to give up on you, give up on you, oh

Why? What I feel, coming down
Why can't I?
You will fall down again, weights will come down
I will follow you, I will follow you

And now everything we thought we always knew, has been broken down and totally changed by you, and I would never look at this life the same
(You won't change, but, you will change me)
And I will never fall away from you
(Save me, from myself, save me from myself)
I'll never fall away from you
And I would never fall away to the very dream that is bothering me today and all I can say is thank you
(Your eyes won't bring me back)
Thank you, thank you

Say these words whispered to me


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