Son, Ambulance

If I Should Fall Asleep

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If I should fall asleep on the drive home, wake me up when we get there. Like fields we pass along the way we change rapidly. A song can be heard from an old wooden house, the chorus only children knew. I reached for their high melody, my voice cracked and refused. The street lamps pointed fingers as I squinted to see dots in the distance come true. And the children grew as they came closer to me. He passed right by where I was standing on the front porch, yesterday. He walked into my living rooms, and sat down like my belongings. Two strangers introducing: who can say just how they are? Well each party has it's witnesses. I try to keep track of myself while everyone keeps moving to some hidden, meanwhile place. As I trade the lies for smoke and wine, but I sell my soul for free. Keep telling yourself the less we have, the happier we'll be. Oh and the happier it will be.
It's plain to see invisible minds are working in this place. The miracles are showing on every face. Canoe, canoe, down the falls from mountain to ocean. But even at the peak of the happiest day. My heart turned to a night when your love ran dry. Empty creases where the water once ran to save me.

Autor(es): Son, Ambulance

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