Michael Malarkey

I Just Want You

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Feel the undertow, tugging us down to the glorious unknown
And your mind is gentle like the trees
But the wine it makes us feel the need for something more
Or something lost
So we drive all night
Try to chase what's disappeared

Well you're wearing red and I'm dressed in black
I see you as you are and I still got your back
And we drive far and we drive fast
We try to race the morning but she comes at last
Well baby it's the open road
But you want more
More to make you feel sane

And I just want you
As you are now

You say I'm always talking about time
And how it's made by man
It's all in our minds
And I wish you could see that
I really believe that
And I know that you want more
But I just want you
As you are now

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