I Fucked Your Daughter Up the Ass, Boy

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I fucked your daughter up the ass boy
I fucked your mama too
I fucked your granny in the alley
I think I'll fuck you up too

You're such a goddamn pussy
I'll make you shine my fucking shoes
I fucked your daughter in the ass boy
Well damn' that's a fine how do you do

I'll take your Lincoln continental
I'll take that fly ride Oldsmobile
I fucked your daughter in the ass, boy
And when I did she said, "Bobby I love that way that make me feel."

I'll take your cold cash money
That your daughter's been giving me
I'm gonna buy me a brand new sweater
It's gonna make me feel all groovy

Oh yeah you know I'm only joking
You know I'd never do that to you
I would never take anything of yours
That's something I would never do

But I did fuck your daughter up the ass boy
While we were messing around late last Saturday night
She started playing with my tickly testicles
I said, "baby what you doing?" She said, "I'm just trying to make you feel allright."

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