Bowling For Soup

If You Come Back To Me

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You were right all along
You know I hate that, admitting I was wrong
So I don't answer the phone when it's you
It's funny when I see the caller I.D.
That shows the phone line's still in your dad's name

So hey, I'm doing OK
And I'll get back to you if you come back to me

Your voice is so Marilyn Monroe
It's funny how that makes me wanna smash the phone
I wonder if J.F.K. ever felt this way
All alone, like Summer when it snows
So out of place, so out of those fake smiles
I used to do so well
And here's the part of the song where I start
To break down like my broken heart
But it's not gonna matter - the lines are all down
From a hurricane they should have named after you
Maybe I should get a Scorpions ringtone to remind me of you

So hey, I'm doing OK
And I'll get back to you if you come back to me
Oh, here we go
Just like a broken record skippin' a part
That we both oughta know by heart
And I can still hear you singing along...

We were right there, and now it seems so tragic
No happy ending, now this whole thing seems so drastic
You asked me 20 times where we could find our magic
Ask David Copperfield or even Rick O'Casic
David Blaine (here's the magic?)
Lance Burton (where's the magic?)
Harry Potter (where's the magic?)
I used to think pop rocks were magic
Sigfried and Roy (where's the magic?)
Shaquille O'Neal (why'd you leave the magic?)
You asked me 20 times, or was it 28
And your greatest trick ever was your great escape


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