Chris LeDoux

If You Loved Me You'd Do It

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The walls that surround me in this room I call my well of loneliness
Keep whispering your name with the voices hauntin' as your soft arrays
And since you've gone away I get lonelier each day
And I still don't know how you can put me through it
If there's any love still burning in your heart you'd be returnin'
If you loved me you'd do it
If you love me you'd do it you'd come back home to me
You'd take away this loneliness and end my misery
If you love me yes if you'd love me you'd do it

The memories that I live with seem to press against me softly in the night
Remembering the good times don't leave time to think of who was wrong or right
Love is not an easy prize it can pay before your eyes
It's not a simple thing and we both knew it
And to throw it all away is wrong so come back home if you'd love me you'd do it
If you love me you'd do it...

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