If You Were Mine

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If you were mine, everytime,
You could be the one to make me feel right
Day or night, feel you close in my arms.
If you were mine, yes it's true
There would never be a day without your smile,
Take your time,
Baby i would feel so real if you were mine
Hold me closer into your arms,
Never let me down girl.
Fell the magic in the air, it's here.
Love is written on my face,everytime you're near me,
Just be here and it's alright.
Everynight and everyday,
Need your love here to stay,
Not just today but everyday on my way.
You gotta keep it in your mind,
That life would be so fine,
Oh baby, if you would be mine
If you were mine ...
Since i know you times have changed,
Always light around me,
'cause you make my dreams come true so true.
Years before i felt so sad, now the hope is rising.
With your love, i'm gonna fly so high.
Feel the magic in the air, be aware
That if you share my dreams
It seems love is everywhere.
You gotta keep it in your mind
That love will make me shine,
Oh baby, if you were mine.
If you were mine ...

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