A Life Divided

I Hope You'll Make It To The West

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Welcome home
Welcome son
I will let you down, i will let you down
Can you hear this sound?
Do you hear them cry?

You've been left outside tonight
There's no one here to hold you
You're on your own
On your own
Since you've opened up your eyes
They ignored your cries
You're on your own
On your own

You don't have a place to run
You're in strangeland
It goes on and on
You're on your own
Living day by day inside
It doesn't seem to end
It's long by long
You're on your own

Ten percent of my lunch helps
To prevent this young boy from death
But i'm sorry for you
I'm sorry for you
I hope you'll make it to the west

Welcome home…

Been forgotten all your life
All is left in strife
You're on your own
All alone
Hide inside your hate tonight
Betray your dying bride
They were wrong
It's not your fault