I'm For You

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I'm here, i'm here i'm underneath your skin.
You can't feel me cause i refuse to let you in.
Writer, fighter, burnt down, collider.
I'm a little bird parched out here, don't wanna disappear.
And all things in my life may go, but i'll save art, i can't lose van gogh
Make me love you make love you cause i won't.
Make me know you make me know you cause i don't.
I'm no winner, a beginner at sticking these things through, but i'm for you.
Forget, forget the reason and the rhyme.
I swear i try to tell myself this all the time.
The second i, open my eyes and wake.
It's like i can't see me without a double take.
I can't wait until i'm old, because i'm young i'm not controlled.
Can't you see, i must free, i do what my mind is told.

Autor(es): Jenna Anne Kroff