Jamie Walters

I Know The Game

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Time to pay the rent baby, gotta try and work harder.
Really goin nowhere fast, youre not goin much farther.
Gotta take a break baby, try and make my load lighter.
Im missin somethin that I need, never been much of a fighter.
Well maybe I made, a few mistakes.
But baby you know, they were mine to make.
I know the game, but I dont want to play it.
I know the word, but I dont want to say it.
Ive got the bill, but I dont want to pay it.
I know the game, but I aint gonna play it this time.
You watch me like a hawk, baby, I know somethins gotta give.
Listen to the way you talk, baby, this aint no way to live.
Everything I dont have, well it all belongs to you.
Im doin the best that I can, baby what you want me to do.
The old ways are dead & gone,
And the door is open wide.
Anything can happen now. you can see me,
Standin on a thin line.

Autor(es): Kevin Savigar / Stephanie Tyrell / Steve Tyrell