Bill Anderson

I'll Always Have Denver

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Our weekend in Atlanta was a total disaster
We argued and you caught the first plane home
We made up and went to Memphis but there wasn't any difference
We were there together but alone
So we tried a beach in Texas a casino in Las Vegas
Once we even tried Niagra Falls
But your world and mine collided and one day you decided
We weren't made for each other after all
But I'll always have Denver and that summer to remember
Moonlight in the Rockies and starlight in your eyes
On a mountain top together we pledged our love forever
There's nothing that could ever take from me what I remember
I'll always have Denver
How could a love so warm and tender grow so cold and bitter
How could all I gave not be enough
Staring at the ceiling it's a painful empty feeling
I don't have you I don't have your love
But I'll always have Denver...

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