Pianos Become the Teeth

I'll Be Damned

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Maybe… Maybe you saw your mother, maybe she’s smiling
She hears your catching laughter, she’s missed your charm
We never made it to Cooperstown
But I’ve still got that glove under my bed
Maybe I’ll see you, we could shoot the shit, finally have a beer
“Have a catch” but for now its catch my tears, its catch my breath
I can just hear you say, “Come on, bud, get out of that funk, it’s time to move on”
It’s funny how you still apply, you still know me
I’ll try to take your tools and make something worth while
Try to make ya proud, I’ve learned nothing is spotless anymore
But I’ll let you resonate

Maybe your Heaven is that Norman Rockwell scene
Where you and your friends are singing that Gordon Lightfoot song
“If you could only read my mind” well, if you could only read my mind
Well that ending, it was just too hard to take
Is it better than Clapton? Did you see your fathers eyes?
I know it’s wishful thinking hoping this won’t always kill me
But If you saw yours, then I’ll see mine
You finally stretched your feet and ghosted away from me
You had to fade away, you had to leave
I’m pleading for one more time with what I know now
I’m begging for the same flake to fall twice for the first time
I’m begging for what wasn’t said
That night the snow shaped the land, and I walked home
I laughed the whole way because I suppose if it hurts
It's worth it, but now that ghost is me

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